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Remodeling Your Home? Here's How To Keep Your Central Air Conditioner Safe

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A home remodeling can be just the ticket for revamping your home's looks, efficiency, and resale value. The remodeling process can get a bit messy, which is why you should protect your central air conditioning system against dust and construction debris. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Find Other Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Running your air conditioner during your remodeling seems like a no-brainer for staying cool while you work, but it could also put your unit at risk. As it runs, your air conditioner will draw in the dust and debris that's currently floating around in your indoor air. The huge influx of dust and debris will not only clog up your air filter and lower overall cooling performance, but it can also introduce large amounts of dust into the unit.

Instead of using your air conditioner, try using alternative methods of keeping your home cool. For instance, use your home's ceiling fans and open windows to draw in a strong, continuous breeze throughout your home. Use heat-blocking curtains to minimize solar heat that often penetrates through windows. In addition, you should limit indoor activities that generate large amounts of heat.

Cover and Close Those Vents

Whether you decide to shut off your air conditioner during your renovation project or not, you should close and cover the vents in the rooms where renovation work is in progress. This will keep dust from migrating through these vents and into the rest of your central air conditioning system. A good way to cover up a vent is to seal it off with plastic cling wrap and painter's tape.

Remove Dust and Debris Daily

Instead of waiting until the end of your remodeling project to do cleanup, it's usually best to sweep, vacuum, mop, and dust every day. It takes plenty of effort, but you won't have to worry about an excess buildup of dust and construction debris making its way into your air conditioner.

In addition, you won't run the risk of tracking dust and debris into your vehicle or the rest of your home, and you won't end up with the need for a massive cleanup effort at the end.

Check and Replace Your Air Filter After the Remodel

When you're done remodeling and cleaning up your home, you'll want to make sure you also replace your central air conditioner's air filter. Swapping your old filter with a clean one will help restore and preserve your air conditioner's optimal performance while improving your home's indoor air quality.

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