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House Sitter Reporting That Your Furnace Won't Turn On? 3 Things To Have Them Check Before You Call For Furnace Repair

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When you are away on an extended business trip or vacation, your house sitter is your go-to source for knowing that your property is okay until you return home. Yet, problems do occasionally pop up, and it is frustrating trying to determine if a repair is needed when you cannot be there. When your house sitter complains that your home is too cold, ask them to check for these common culprits before calling for furnace repair.

Has a Circuit Breaker Tripped?

All furnaces are susceptible to not working when the electrical supply has been cut off, but smart thermostats are especially sensitive to changes with your circuit breaker. Since anything from a brief electrical outage to an overloaded outlet could cause your breakers to trip, it is possible that this has occurred without your house sitter noticing. Ask them to check the circuit box to see if the ones connected to your furnace have tripped. If so, have them reset it once, and give them strict instructions to call you if it trips again so that you can hire a professional to find out the cause.

Is the Thermostat Set Correctly?

Some thermostats return to their default settings if a brief power outage causes them to turn off, or the controls may have been inadvertently knocked if your panel is located on a prominent place on the wall. Have your house sitter check to make sure that the thermostat is on and set the temperature ten degrees warmer to see if it turns on right away. If not, then it could be something else has gone faulty that requires professional furnace repair.

Is the Air Filter Clogged?

Many furnaces automatically shut off when there is a clogged air filter as a safety feature. It is also completely possible that yours has not been changed if you have been gone for a couple of months, and you may have left this essential piece of maintenance off your house sitter's to-do list as you rushed out the door. Let your house sitter know where your filters are located, and they should be able to change this one themselves with a little of your guidance.

Minor furnace issues such as a tripped breaker may be able to be handled by your house sitter. However, anything more than this requires having a professional, such as AAA Home Services, conduct a full inspection so that you can understand what you are dealing with when you can't be there. Making sure that your furnace is in good repair means being able to look forward to coming back to a home that is in top condition.