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Four Signs A Geothermal Heat Pump May Be Perfect For Your Heating And Cooling Needs

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A geothermal heat pump uses a system of pipes to collect heat from the ground and bring it into your house. (Or vice versa, collecting excess heat from your house and distributing it in the ground.) It works similarly to how an air conditioner moves heat, except that instead of putting that excess heat into the air, it puts it underground. This type of heat pump can serve you well for a long time, but it may not be right for everyone. Here are four signs that it's right for you.

1. You have the budget to invest in an underground system

If you're building a new house and are already expecting to pay plenty of money for HVAC installation, it may not be such a big deal to switch to a type of HVAC that also requires the installation of underground pipes. After all, you can just add it to your mortgage and pay it off slowly. But if you have an existing house, replacing your current AC with geothermal may be a much bigger deal. Get some quotes from contractors before deciding that geothermal will fit into your home improvement and maintenance budget.

2. You want long-lasting savings

The underground system and the indoor unit will last much longer with a geothermal heat pump than with a normal AC unit. This means that you have to calculate the lifetime cost differently. For example, if the indoor unit lasts twice as long as your last AC unit, then technically it's giving you twice as much value, all other things being equal; so even if it costs almost twice as much, you're still coming out ahead. And for the entire lifespan of the system, you'll be saving money on energy bills, since moving heat into and out of the ground is more efficient than getting it from the air.

3. You're concerned about the environment

There are plenty of eco-friendly aspects to this HVAC option, such as:

  • Less energy required to run
  • Bonus! It can heat water too
  • Fewer replacements required

4. You have plenty of land

It's not actually necessary to have a big yard or lot for your geothermal system; you can choose to install pipes vertically, but that actually costs more, so having a bigger lot gives you more options. Installing the pipes vertically does give you an advantage in material costs, though, because horizontal installations require more pipe to achieve the same effectiveness.

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