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Tiny Home, Cozy Home: The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Heating Choices For Your Tiny House

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There are few things more exciting than making a huge change in how you live your everyday life, which is just what will happen when you decide to build a tiny home. There are so many reasons why so many are choosing to jump on the bandwagon and become tiny-home owners, and one of them is the fact that bills for heating and cooling can be drastically reduced. Even still, choosing the right type of heating for your new tiny house is the key to making sure you are happy and comfortable with your new digs. Here's the obvious good, the often overlooked bad, and the ugly truth you'll have to come to terms with where tiny home heating is concerned. 

The Good About Tiny Home Heating 

The average size of a home in the US is at least 2,600 square feet. In contrast, the size of the average tiny home is between 100 and 400 square feet. Because of this drastic reduction in living space, home heating is bound to be cheaper in your little house. Plus, your options for the type of home heating you choose are fairly open. You don't really have to go with a huge HVAC system because it's not necessary; you can actually get by with a portable heater if you choose. However, most tiny home owners prefer an integrated system that gives them even heat distribution and a thermostat to control the temperature in their home. 

The Bad About Heating Your Tiny Home 

Heating a tiny home is easy, but the change in living space can also mean you have to be careful about picking the right type of heat system. For example, some forms of home heating just don't make a lot of sense in such small living quarters. Wood heat is a good example of this fact. While wood can easily provide enough heat, it can be extremely difficult to control the temperature and this can mean the temperatures are a little too high for comfort in your small space. 

The Ugly Truth About Heating a Tiny Home 

It is not at all uncommon for some tiny home owners to make big mistakes when choosing the heating for their tiny home. The tendency to go for a tiny heating unit often leads to uneven heat distribution inside the house–especially if the tiny house has more than one floor. Even in a tiny home, it is best to explore your options with a licensed heating contractor, such as from Edwards Heating & Air Conditioning LLC, who can help you make the best decisions.