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How To Maintain A Functional Heat Pump

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Heating and cooling your home can cost a lot of money. Often, the largest percentage of your electricity usage will come from the cost of running your heater or air conditioner. This is why you always want to make sure they are running at peak efficiency. The heat pump is a particularly important component of both your heating and cooling processes. That is, if your furnace's heat pump is not working properly, your air conditioner, no matter how matter new and energy efficient it is, will not be very productive. This article explains how to clean your heat pump for maximum efficiency:

Finding the Heat Pump

First of all, you need to find the heat pump within the furnace cabinet. Most furnace cabinets have two main compartments. One compartment is packed with most of the electrical and gas components and the other houses the heat pump. It is a large tubular cavity with a fan and motor on one end. It is obviously responsible for generating most of the airflow that pumps the cold air throughout your home. So, if this is not working well, your whole system will suffer. The furnace blower can get slowed down, especially when the motor becomes dirty or clogged with dust. Usually, the furnace filter will prevent dust from reaching the furnace motor. However, if you don't frequently replace your air filter, there is a higher chance that your pump will need maintenance and cleaning.

Working on the Pump

Before you do any work on your furnace, you definitely want to make sure the power is turned off. You don't want the large, powerful fan to turn on while your hands are in the vicinity. You should turn the thermostat to the off position, but also find the designated breaker switch for the furnace so you can't be sure that it power on while you are working on it.

Actually cleaning your pump is very simple if you have a hose vacuum. The job is only difficult if there is moisture within the unit and the dust buildup is caked to the metal surfaces. If this is the case, you will just need to scrub it down with a wet sponge or scrub brush. Just be careful because you don't want to use too much water, especially when it comes to cleaning near the pump motor.

If you regularly clean your heat pump and change the filter when recommended, you can rest assured that your furnace will run more efficiently. Contact a company like Actionaire Inc for more information and assistance.