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Heating Efficiency Tips For Freeze-Cats

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Winter is coming and, like every year, you are probably dreading it. Are you one of those people who cannot stand being cold but are worried about skyrocketing utility bills? Fear no more. Below are tips on how to achieve that delicate balance between keeping warm and keeping your utility bills low.

Heat only the rooms you are using. No need to heat the bathroom or the spare room in the attic when not in use. You can also completely turn off the heater and use the electric heater in the room you are in.

Keep warm while indoors. Wear warm sweaters, socks, and of course use your throw on blanket for extra comfort. This reduces the amount of heat you'll need.

Turn down the thermostat by 10-15 degrees at night. This simple act reduces your utility bill by 10%. Substitute with warm beddings such as flannel and comforters.

Check your heating system to ensure it is functioning optimally. Furnace and vents should be clean and maintained in a good state of repair.

Check your furnace filter. Clogged filters affect the entire air conditioning system, make it work harder and consume more energy. If dirty, filters should be replaced.

Check your vents for rust and damage. Heating repair can significantly reduce your utility bills. Schedule an annual maintenance plan, ideally a month before the onset of winter.

Keep the heat register clean and free from encumbrances to ease the circulation of heat. For example, do not cover it with a couch.

Get HVAC Services. An HVAC professional from companies like Air Time Heating & Cooling will clean and repair air ducts and change filters to ensure proper airflow and minimize air loss.

Minimize heat loss. Loss of heat through windows, doors, electric boxes and exterior holes will make your furnace work harder and consume more energy. To counter this, improve insulation to minimize heat escape.

Fortunately, you can do this by yourself. All you have to do is buy insulation material such as foam weather-stripping from your local store and seal those areas.

Hot air can also escape through exhaust fans in the kitchen and the bathroom and also through chimneys. Reduce the use of exhaust fans during cold months. You can block the chimney using a balloon.

Humidify the air. Moist air is warmer and retains more heat than cold air. Indoor plants may also be used for this purpose.

Adopting energy-efficient steps such as insulation, heating repair and heat economy can significantly reduce your utility bills, making your winter more pleasant, physically and financially.