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AC: Window Units Vs. Centralized Systems

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When it comes to residential air conditioning, there are many ways to cool down your home. If you are currently just relying on opening your windows and using fans to circulate air, this might not be enough. You might be tempted to invest in window AC units, or you might even want to make a more sizable investment into a central AC system. This article compares window AC units with central AC systems. It will help you determine which is better for your home and budget.

Window AC Units

Since window units obviously have to be mounted to window fixtures that have movable sashes, the options are limited when it comes to where you can put them. Since the air is only coming from one point, it often doesn't fully penetrate the room it is in. That is, rooms will cool down unevenly, not to mention it can be hard to circulate the cold air into the next room. Many people try to supplement their AC units with fans to circulate the air throughout the house. In the end, all this electricity usage ends up being costly.

Simply put, window AC units are not the most efficient way to cool down your house. That being said, they are extremely affordable and easy to install. Basically, they just need to be mounted to the window and secured with a few screws. Then, you just plug them in. The price and simplicity of window AC units makes them a popular choice for small properties. If you live in a small studio or one-bedroom apartment, a single AC unit might be all that you need.

Central AC Systems

Central AC systems are far more comprehensive, yet more expensive to install. Of course, your house needs to have a central duct system. Since most houses already have ducts installed for the heating, this isn't a major issue. The condenser is connected to the furnace, which helps pump the air throughout your ducts. While window AC units can be installed by the homeowner, central AC needs to be installed by licensed technicians. In the long run though, it is a much smarter investment for larger homes because it is a much more efficient way to cool down your home.

Even though the condenser unit is a large appliance, it won't as long as a window AC unit. In the end, either can work for your home, depending on your size and budget. If you're just looking to cool down one room in your house a little more, a window AC unit might be sufficient. But, if you have a large, multi-story home, central AC is the only way to go. For more tips, talk with a company like One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.