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Clean A Window Air Conditioner And Repair The Unit's Cover

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If you are going to be purchasing a new central air conditioning next summer and currently have a working window air conditioning unit installed in one of your home's living room windows and wish to sell it, a unit that is clean and damage-free will be more likely to attract interested buyers. Use the tips below to clean the unit's interior and repair a crack in the air conditioner's plastic cover.


  • drop cloths
  • metal cleaning foam
  • scouring pad
  • emery cloth
  • rust dissolving gel
  • sponge
  • detergent
  • water
  • handheld vacuum cleaner
  • tube of epoxy sealant
  • caulk gun
  • cotton swab

Clean The Interior And Remove Corrosion

Disconnect the unit's power cord. Before removing the unit's cover, place a drop cloth under the unit. The cloth will collect liquid that drips from the unit as you are cleaning interior pieces. Lay a drop cloth across a table and place the air conditioner's cover on the cloth. Apply metal cleaning foam to the air conditioner's interior metal pieces. Move a scouring pad across metal pieces to loosen dirt from them.

If there is corrosion on some metal pieces, use an emery cloth to remove rust. If you find that you cannot remove all of the rust spots solely with an emery cloth, use the edge of a sponge to apply rust dissolving gel to corroded spots before wiping them with an emery cloth. Use a clean sponge that has been dipped into soapy water to wipe off interior pieces, including the unit's walls. Move a lint-free cloth over metal pieces and the unit's casing.

Clean Both Sides Of The Cover And Repair A Crack

Inspect the unit's cover. If there is dirty buildup between the vent openings, use a handheld vacuum cleaner to collect dirt particles. Use a soapy cloth to wipe off each side of the cover. Dry both sides of the plastic cover when finished. Locate the crack in the cover. An epoxy adhesive can be used to fill the crack and will provide the cover with a waterproof seal.

Use a caulk gun to apply adhesive across the length of the crack. Use one end of a cotton swab to smooth out adhesive or remove excess adhesive that was administered to the cover's surface. Leave the cover on the table as you wait for the adhesive to dry. Afterward, replace the cover. Remove the air conditioner from the window when you are ready to sell the unit.

For more help, tips, and assistance with any needed repair before you sell the unit, contact a professional air conditioning repair company.